How To Spot Fake Patagonia Gear

guys carrying patagonia duffels

Are you in the market for Patagonia clothing but afraid you might get ripped off by some of the more nefarious dealers that market and sell fake gear?  If so, you have come to the right place.  In this article we will not only provide a quick story about Patagonia and the clothing and accessories … Read more

G10 vs Micarta: Which Is The Better Outdoor Knife Handle Material?

knife closeup

If you are a camper or someone who actively trains for a potential survival situation, the importance of possessing a high-quality knife cannot be overstated. The wilderness can be very unforgiving at times, and unless you are ready for every potential scenario it is really easy for those wilderness conditions to overrun you.  A good … Read more

Klymit Static V vs. V2: What’s The Difference? (2022 Update)

Klymit Static V sleeping pad

If you are an avid backpacker and/or wilderness camper, one of the most crucial pieces of gear available to you is a sleeping pad, also known as a sleeping mat, air mattress, insulated pad, ground pad or bed roll.  These vital pieces of equipment serve a number of purposes when braving the outdoor elements and … Read more

How To Set Up A Tent (Tips For First-Timers)

friends putting up tent

Camping and backpacking are outdoor pursuits that are loved by millions of people around the globe. Nothing is better than arriving at your wilderness destination and inhaling that first burst of clean pine-scented air—a smell so pleasant that it is often recreated in car air fresheners. However, there is one downside associated with the early … Read more