Essential Hiking Gear and Hiking Equipment (For Beginners)

hiker loaded up with gear

To set out on day hikes on well-trodden trails, you don’t need a lot of equipment. That’s what makes hiking such a great activity. It’s accessible for a lot of people. All you really need is a decent forest and the will to get started. Well, that’s almost all you need. Hiking on will and … Read more

What To Wear Hiking In Cold Weather

people hiking in coats

Hiking in the cold is like doing any physically-challenging activity in the cold. You’ll get warm quicker than you think. But, unlike activities that keep you closer to civilization, hiking in the cold has a unique set of risks and challenges, and the clothing you wear isn’t just about comfort and movement; it’s about survival. … Read more

What To Wear Hiking In Hot Weather

two people hiking through forest

Hiking in heat isn’t the same as standing still in heat, and you’ll get warm quicker than you might think. A perfect 70-degree day can feel like 90 degrees when you’re out on the trail, and the right clothing can mean the difference between a lovely day out and hellish misery. If you want to … Read more

What To Wear Hiking: Dressing For Your First Hike

person ties hiking boot in forest

Hiking is like any other outdoor exercise. It pits you against the elements, and how you dress for it doesn’t always match the weather outside. What’s “weather-appropriate” while hiking is different than what’s “weather-appropriate” when you’re just standing around. Layers matter when hiking. So do fabrics. And while you may not need an entire closet … Read more

Inspirational Hiking Quotes

hiking scene

Hiking is about more than just exercise. (Though, it’s great for that too.) It’s about escape. It’s about basking in nature and conquering terrains we don’t find in our civilized world. And hiking quotes tend to reflect that. The soul-lifting nature of hiking itself. The draw to the wild. The healing powers of wandering nowhere … Read more