Can You Hammock Camp In The Winter? Your Expert Guide

winter hammock camping

Winter hammock camping might seem like a wild idea to some, but for true adventurers, it’s a thrilling experience not to be missed. Just because the temperatures have plummeted doesn’t mean you have to pack away your hammock and stay indoors. With the right gear and some know-how, you can hammock camp in winter and … Read more

Hiking Boots vs Shoes: What’s The Difference?

guy looking at hiking shoes

Ever stood at the crossroads (or, ya know, the outdoor store aisle) pondering the age-old debate: hiking boots or shoes? It’s like choosing between a deep-dish and thin crust – both have their merits, but it’s all about the vibe you’re going for. As someone who’s clocked more miles on trails than your car’s odometer, … Read more

Best Hikes In Estes Park: Top Trails And Tips

estes park sign

Overview of Hiking in Estes Park, Colorado Estes Park, nestled in Colorado’s beautiful Rocky Mountain National Park, offers countless incredible hiking opportunities for all skill levels. With an extensive trail system that crisscrosses some of the most breathtaking terrain, exploring this remarkable region is a must for any outdoor enthusiast. As you venture into the … Read more

How To Get Electricity While Camping (Best Options)

camping with solar charger

Ever been deep in the woods, wishing you could charge your phone, blend a smoothie, or even rock out to some tunes?  I mean, we all love the raw beauty of the great outdoors, but sometimes, ya just need a bit of that electric juice.  It’s not about ditching the rustic vibe; it’s about merging … Read more

Best Hikes Near St. Louis: Top Trails for Outdoor Enthusiasts

Castlewood State Park River Scene Trail

Thinkin’ St. Louis is all about that iconic Arch and bluesy tunes? Think again. Just a stone’s throw away from those bustling city vibes, you’ll find a world of winding trails, scenic overlooks, and that oh-so-fresh forest air. Yep, St. Louis ain’t just a gateway to the west; it’s a gateway to some wicked hikes. … Read more