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The 15 Best Camper Van Conversion Companies (2023 Update)

Do you love spending your time outdoors?

Are you looking for the perfect conversion company to make your camp van dreams come true?

You can buy some vans ready for life on the road or save some cash with a do-it-yourself build.

But many people pay for a conversion.

If you want a company to handle the custom van design for you, the cost can be steep.

However, you can rest assured knowing the van is safe.

Whether you want to live the ultimate van life or enjoy regular camping to make the most of the weekend, finding a company to convert a van is the first step.

A professional team could construct the van of your dreams in both design and functionality.

Luckily, there are many companies available for van conversions throughout the United States.

The following list includes over 15 of the best camper van conversion companies. Select the top choice from our list or find a company near you.

15 Best Camper Van Conversion Companies for Any Budget

Some camper van conversions cost a steep price.

However, prices also vary based on the design of your van.

Here are 15 of the best camper van conversion companies, no matter your budget.

They each custom build conversions from a Ford Transit, Ram Promaster, or Mercedes Sprinter camper van.

couple camping in van

1. TouRig

TouRig has been an industry favorite for nearly 20 years.

Located in Golden, Colorado, the company’s mission is to encourage adventure.

They consider their customer service just as important as the van build, and the tradesmen who work on the vans are professionals with long-term experience in transportation and construction.

Every van TouRig builds is high-performance, durable, and lightweight.

The quality engineering and strong attention to detail helps the company create great custom options for the interior, from the materials to the floorplan.

The craftsmanship and dedication allow TouRig to strive beyond the best.

They pride themselves on innovation and their superior finish.

At TouRig, you can also buy new or pre-owned converted vans.

They specialize in working on Sprinter and Transit Vans, however.

Prices range widely but expect to pay a $3,000 refundable deposit before production begins.

Unlike most van conversion companies, TouRig even goes above by providing a store with a massive inventory of van accessories.

You’ll find everything you need, like showers, storage bags, window covers, and more.

2. Outside Van

Outside Van was founded over 30 years ago by van-lifers with adventure in mind.

The company is currently in Portland, Oregon, and they convert over 100 vans each year.

The team consists of 65 skilled pros who pride themselves on their creativity and industry experience.

Their technicians have experience in upholstery, woodworking, metalworking, engineering, and more.

With Outside Van, you know your van build and design are the best quality possible.

The team designs both interior and exterior components for your van in-house.

They even build each van with their Premium Interior Package to provide the best insulation, flooring, lighting, and safety.

You can customize any of the systems, including lighting, water, power, heating, cooling.

Prices start at $32,000.

Upgrades include things like audio, WiFi, TV, and other entertainment options.

The amount of time needed for your conversion also depends on the complexity of the design.

However, it takes around two to four months on average.

3. Sportsmobile

Located in Austin, Texas, Sportsmobile is your go-to for unique campervans.

In the industry since 1961, the company has been a long-time van conversion source.

Over the years, they have expanded to locations in Indiana, California, and Nevada as well.

They can work on more van models than most other companies, including Ford and Chevy E-Vans, Sportsmobile Classic 4x4s, Dodge ProMasters, and the Mercedes Metris.

Sportsmobile also converts unique vehicles to camp life, like emergency vehicles, mobile clinics, or classic vans.

Sportsmobile has a long list of services and offerings.

You could modify your van using standard plans that start at $35,000 or design your own.

They even throw in an online option to custom design your van on their website.

4. Van Specialties

Van Specialities is one of the best options for affordability.

They have conversion prices starting at $15,000, which is lower than most other companies.

Plus, the company website offers a beneficial online quote system.

All you have to do is check the boxes to give them an idea of your conversion cost.

The company began helping clients build and customize vans over 40 years ago.

They started with the goal of creating recreational vehicles and moved toward tailoring vans for comfortable tiny living.

The designers and engineers work with you through the conversion to meet your dreams at a reasonable price without sacrificing quality or craftsmanship.

What’s fantastic about Van Specialties is that the Oregan-based company performs custom conversions for many makes and models.

They’ll even customize tricks, RVs, and SUVs.

If you’re not sure about the conversion type you prefer, Van Specialities can help you out.

5. Freedom Vans

Freedom Vans in Bellingham, Washington is working toward bringing the outdoors to their clients.

They build specially tailored vans, so pricing and production time depend on your build’s complexity and size.

They don’t consult if you’re doing a DIY project, but the company does design layouts to convert your van for you.

The best part about Freedom Vans is the comfortable off-grid living options.

They specialize in solar power systems and ensure the reliability of their systems.

Even if you only need help with your electrical features, the company has partial conversion services to your needs.

Not many companies can source a van for you.

Freedom Vans follows in this pattern, unfortunately.

However, they may recommend Mercedes dealerships in California or Washington.

6. RB Components

If you have a Mercedes Sprinter van, RB Components may be the right van conversion company for you.

In operation since 2002, the company has the experience and know-how you’re looking for in a van conversion company.

RB Components stand apart from the crowd because they have a deep inventory of products and customizations for Sprinter van interiors.

They even have some of the most sought-after components in stock, like fully-equipped Gear Haulers for all your outdoor adventure equipment.

Interior build prices range between $31,000 and $90,000.

RB Components even sells turnkey Sprinters at around $240,000.

If you want to hit the road ASAP, the company will work with you to expedite the process.

7. Colorado Campervan

Colorado Campervan is a Loveland, Colorado company with over a decade of experience.

They work on large and small conversions for any lifestyle or budget.

At Colorado Campervan, you can get a transformation for a wide array of models.

But the company’s unique specialty is adding a pop-up top to mid or high-roof vans.

For the interior, Colorado Campervan has three primary layouts they recommended.

However, you can also get a custom build.

They even have pre-wired DIY pop-top kits for sale starting at $9,000 if you prefer to do the work yourself.

These pop-top roofs work for any of the top brands on the market, but prices range between $12,000 and $35,000.

8. Sync Vans

Sync Vans makes it easy to get started with a conversion van without worrying about the conversion process.

They offer suggested layouts, and you can personalize them or stick with the starting price of $32,000.

Not sure what you want or need in a camper van?

The company website offers a feature called the idea lab to explore the design options available.

The best part about working with Sync Vans is the easy shopping experience.

9. Rossmönster Vans

Head to Rossmönster Vans in Longmont, Colorado if your priority is woodwork.

Custom woodworkers and expert carpenters created the company.

Together with their team of skilled engineers, the van conversion designs they perform are artistic and skillful.

But all the quality comes at a reasonable price.

At Rossmönster Vans, the focus is quality.

They offer competitive prices and timelines.

But the sleek and gorgeous builds are genuinely unique.

You’ll work with a designer to find the floor plan and materials perfect for your van.

However, they mainly work on Sprinter vans.

10. Adventure Co

Adventure Co is a go-to for custom van builds and expert designs.

If you want a simple van conversion, you can select from any of their base models.

A standard package includes features like a kitchenette, outdoor shower, bench seat mounts, trifold bed, cabinets, and diesel heating.

The rooftop comes with a solar setup for off-the-grid living too.

But there are tons of upgrades.

You could include leather seats, a removable table, or custom setups for water and electricity, and more.

Your budget may determine how many upgrades you can afford.

Adventure Co works with you every step of the way to make the process more affordable.

11. Adventure Wagon

Adventure Wagon creates versatile and functional vans.

They specialize in configurable and modular interiors, so you can move things around and modify the van for your needs.

If your lifestyle needs ever change, you won’t need to customize your van again.

The high-quality materials are durable too.

People love Adventure Wagon because it’s super affordable.

You could buy a conversion kit to install yourself using nothing more than essential hand tools for around $11,500.

The company even offers instructional resources and video tutorials for every step of the process.

If you need help, they have a network of certified installation partners they can refer you to.

There are also plenty of upgrades and add-ons available, including storage and signature sleeping options.

They mainly work on Mercedes-Benz, Freightliner, Dodge, and Sprinter vans.

However, the company will soon have kits for the Ford Transit and RAM ProMaster.

12. Vanworks

Vanworks is another industry leader with over 40 years of experience.

But with their innovative online experience, you don’t have to travel to Fort Collins, Colorado to get the most from the company.

They have a user-friendly online experience to get started on your van conversion using their three main packages.

The Bear Bones Conversion Kit is ideal if you need the basics and plan to complete the build yourself, while the top tier is a turnkey and upgraded van conversion.

Unlike other companies, Vanworks uses the highest quality insulation available.

The windows also keep issues and leaks at bay.

They also install solar panels and secondary battery systems by request.

However, the company does not offer any RV-style toilet systems or water tanks mounted under the unit.

Contact Vanworks for specific pricing. Because they work on a wide range of van models, the price and product time could range from three to six weeks.

13. Beartooth Vanworks

Are you heading to the mountains? Do you want to take your van off-roading?

Beartooth Vanworks is the van conversion company for you!

The Montana-based company specializes in colder climates and rugged builds so that you can adventure more.

As you work with Beartooth Vanworks to configure the layout and capabilities, you can customize your van design to suit your lifestyle.

The team provides a survey to help them learn about how you intend to use your camper van, and they detail the plan based on you.

You’ll get a custom quote for your project. Prices start at $40,000.

14. Boulder Campervans

Boulder Campervans in Boulder, Colorado is an innovative company that performs customer conversions.

They enjoy working with clients to work on new systems and incorporate new technologies.

You can buy or rent campervans from this company as well.

At Boulder Campervans, building clients unique and top-quality vans is a top priority.

They work with you to create the best floor plan and functionality for you.

The materials are high-quality, and the customization options include added insulation, showers, and faster build time frames.

But pricing depends on your design.

15. Recon Campers

If you need the cheapest van conversion possible, go with Recon Campers.

They had some of the most affordable prices in the market.

Van conversions start as low as $7,500 at Recon Campers, with total conversions beginning around $18,000.

However, the company works on compact passenger vans like a Nissan NV200.

These smaller vehicles are perfect for tiny living.

You won’t be able to stand inside without the top popped, though.

At Recon Campers, the cans are built to order.

You can finance your build through a dealer or qualify for up to 50% financing through the company.

They also offer other add-on options, like the Envy package with a hot water heater, outdoor shower, stove, sink, fridge, and 10-gallon freshwater tank.

Production times vary widely.

Other Fantastic Van Conversion Companies

Although the most extensive collection of camper van conversion companies are in states like California, Colorado, Washington, and Oregon, there are many upfitters worldwide.

Some other fantastic van conversion companies are:

This list includes only some of the top companies in the industry.

Look for more van conversion companies near you.

Final Thoughts

The van life movement is well underway, and for a good reason!

Spending time in nature benefits your mental and physical health.

Most van conversion companies aim to help people explore and spend more time outdoors.

With so many fantastic van conversion companies available today, the options are endless.

Our list includes only the best.

There may be more options available near you.

Look for the company that matches your budget and customization requirements.

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