Hiking Boots vs Shoes: What’s The Difference?

guy looking at hiking shoes

Ever stood at the crossroads (or, ya know, the outdoor store aisle) pondering the age-old debate: hiking boots or shoes? It’s like choosing between a deep-dish and thin crust – both have their merits, but it’s all about the vibe you’re going for. As someone who’s clocked more miles on trails than your car’s odometer, … Read more

Best Hikes Near St. Louis: Top Trails for Outdoor Enthusiasts

Castlewood State Park River Scene Trail

Thinkin’ St. Louis is all about that iconic Arch and bluesy tunes? Think again. Just a stone’s throw away from those bustling city vibes, you’ll find a world of winding trails, scenic overlooks, and that oh-so-fresh forest air. Yep, St. Louis ain’t just a gateway to the west; it’s a gateway to some wicked hikes. … Read more

Mark Twain National Forest Hiking: Best Trails and Tips

mark twain national forest

Ever dreamed of wandering where the wild things are, with just you, your backpack, and maybe the ghost of Mark Twain nodding in approval?  Alright, maybe not that last bit, but the Mark Twain National Forest? It’s the real deal.  It’s a slice of the Show-Me State that’ll show you wonders you wouldn’t believe.  From … Read more

What To Wear Hiking In Fall: Essential Tips and Recommendations

family hiking in autumn

Fall’s knocking at the door, and with it comes those killer views, crisp air, and the undying urge to hit the trails.  But, let’s keep it 100 — wearing your summer shorts ain’t gonna cut it when those autumn winds pick up.  So, before you trek out to catch those fiery foliage vibes, let’s chat … Read more

Best Hiking Boots for Beginners: Top Picks for 2023

hiking boots from back

Hey, trail newbies! Before you hit those winding paths and conquer those epic peaks, there’s one piece of gear that’s gonna make or break your hiking adventure: your boots.  Think of them as your trusty sidekicks — you know, the kind that’ll have your back (or, well, feet) through muddy paths, rocky terrains, and those … Read more