The 10 Most Gorgeous & Underrated US Hiking Trails

Skyline to the Sea Trail

Looking to take a long weekend and experience some of the best trails that the U.S. has to offer? Instead of hitting up your usual spots, take the path less travelled and check out one of these awesome and underrated trails recommend by our friend Brian at Boot Bomb. Who knows, one of these just … Read more

13 Best Foods For A Day Hike

woman stopped on hiking trail

When you’re preparing to go out for a day hike, whether it’s an easy mile or a more strenuous 8-mile hike, taking enough (and the right) snacks to keep your energy levels up is a priority. Sure, we all know how important it is to bring along the proper amount of water for hydration, but … Read more

How To Care For (And Extend The Life Of) Your Hiking Boots

hiking boots on sand

You’ve gone through all the trouble of finding the perfect pair of hiking boots, so why not take good care of them and extend the life of those hiking boots so that you really get your money’s worth out of the purchase. Cause let’s face it, hiking boots aren’t cheap so extending their useful life … Read more