Inspirational Hiking Quotes

hiking scene

Hiking is about more than just exercise. (Though, it’s great for that too.) It’s about escape. It’s about basking in nature and conquering terrains we don’t find in our civilized world. And hiking quotes tend to reflect that. The soul-lifting nature of hiking itself. The draw to the wild. The healing powers of wandering nowhere … Read more

Getting Started With Hiking (Beginners Hiking Guide)

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Many people think hiking is just walking on wilder, more challenging terrain through pretty scenery. And to some extent, it is. That is hiking at its most basic definition. But the basic definition of hiking often leaves people ill-prepared for hiking’s impact on the body. That wilder, more challenging terrain uses considerably more muscles than … Read more

Why Is My Hydro Flask Sweating?

Sweating Hydro Flask Bottle

Hydro Flasks are designed to keep drinks cold (or hot) for more than 24 hours. They are also marketed this way. So, if you see your bottle sweating, you may wonder if you’ve been duped by a sales ploy. Well, Hydro Flasks shouldn’t sweat, so there is that. But a sweaty Hydro Flask doesn’t necessarily … Read more

Insulated Water Bottles We’d Stake Our Hydration On

insulated bottles

When it comes to your water source, it’s not worth taking chances. Water is vital to your life, to your health, and, as far as fitness and outdoor recreation in concerned, to your energy and performance. If you’re going to be out in hot or cold weather, the best way to protect your water supply … Read more

Hiking Puns To Give You LOLs On The Trail

hiking puns

Hill-o, Hikers! Wood you like to be punny on your next hike? We’ve set out to find some of the purist hiking puns a-ground. We flip-flopped on which ones had the most swag and sure hope hill-arity ensues. So, tank up. Let’s hit the trail. Hiking: climb and punishment. Hiking changes my altitude. May the … Read more