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Ice Cubes In A Hydro Flask: Your Questions Answered

Getting ready to go on a camping trip or a hike with your Hydro Flask and anticipating a cold beverage later?

Although you might be prepared to do so, you may not be sure if you ought to add ice to your beverage.

Or you may ask yourself, how long will it take for ice cubes to melt if you do put them in your Hydro Flask?

Below, you’ll find solutions to these and other questions.

Can You Put Ice Cubes In A Hydro Flask?

Yes, you can put ice cubes in your Hydro Flask.

They won’t damage the interior in any way, and the insulation should keep them frozen for a bit.

For the best results, put the ice cubes in with liquid that is already cold.

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Does An Ice Dispenser Damage The Interior?

No, getting ice from your refrigerator’s dispenser does not damage the stainless steel interior of your Hydro Flask bottle or tumbler.

But, if this is something that you worry about, then you can always put a small amount of water in the bottom of the bottle to absorb the impact.

Here’s what one Hydro Flask user on Reddit had to say about this:

It shouldn’t I’ve shaken ice up in mine no dents inside

How Long Does Ice Last In A Hydro Flask? (How Long Does It Stay Cold?)

If you’ve put ice in your drink in your Hydro Flask bottle, then you might be wondering how long you can expect the ice cubes to stay frozen.

The truth is it depends.

Is the liquid already cold? Then they will last longer than in hot or room temperature liquid.

Are you keeping your Hydro Flask in directly sunlight? Somewhere warm? Somewhere cold?

The exterior temperature affects this a bit.

Traditionally, Hydro Flask maintains that their bottles and tumblers keep things cold for up to 24 hours, but they have no guidelines on ice.

Personally, I’ve had ice last for at least 9 hours in my bottle – but I’ve never tried to go for a longer period.

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Why Does My HydroFlask Not Keep Ice?

When you put ice cubes in your drink in your Hydro Flask, do you notice that they stay frozen or are they melting too fast?

A Hydro Flask bottle or tumbler is designed to keep your ice frozen for longer than if you were drinking out of a regular glass.

So, when your ice is melting in your Hydro Flask, that means something is not right.

One of the reasons this might be happening to you is that you’re opening the bottle too frequently and letting the cold air escape.

Another reason this can happen is that the temperature of the liquid in the bottle is not cool enough to sustain the frozen state of the ice. You likely need either more ice with this temperature of liquid or just colder liquid.

You may also have damaged your Hydro Flask when you dropped it, and thus damaged the insulation that keeps the ice frozen.

You can also damage that vacuum seal, which is responsible for the insulation, if you’ve put your Hydro Flask in the dishwasher (this is a no-no).

The good news is that Hydro Flask has a pretty decent lifetime warranty against defects, but if you’ve caused the damage then it’s not covered.

Final Thoughts

Ice cubes can be used in conjunction with pretty much any liquid that you want to put in your Hydro Flask tumbler or bottle.

And those ice cubes should stay frozen for several hours, at a minimum.

If the ice keeps melting in your Hydro Flask, then it may be the result of something that you’re doing.

Or, it maybe be a legit defect in the bottle.

But, if you can’t get it to work and it’s not a defect, then your best course of action is to just replace it with a new Hydro Flask.

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