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Boot Blankets Showdown: IceBreaker Boot Covers vs ArcticShield Boot Covers

When it comes to keeping your feet warm and dry on a hunting trip, there’s no room for compromise.

That’s why we’re pitting two of the biggest names in the game against each other – ArcticShield vs. Icebreaker boot covers.

These two heavyweights are both designed to keep your feet protected, but which one is the ultimate winner?

We put them to the test so you don’t have to!

ArcticShield Boot Covers

First up, we have the ArcticShield boot covers – the ultimate solution to your cold feet woes when you’re feeling that chill of winter creep in while you wait for a buck to appear in your sightline.

ArcticShield Men's Boot Insulator Covers
$69.99 $56.99
  • Retain patented heat retention technology for added warmth
  • Easily fits over boots and shoes. 

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03/06/2024 07:20 pm GMT

These covers are designed to keep your feet toasty, even in the most frigid of temperatures.

Designed with heat retention thermal material, these insulators capture and return up to 90% of your body heat, keeping your feet warm and cozy no matter what the temperature.

They feature a thick layer of insulation and a waterproof exterior, making them perfect for extreme weather conditions.

Slip them right over your shoes or boots, and stay out in the woods, tree stand, or blind longer.

The cinch strap ensures a secure fit, and the covers are designed to fit over most types of boots.

Constructed with a polyester shell and lining, the ArcticShield boot insulators are windproof and water-resistant.

They are also lightweight and packable, making them easily transportable.

Simply roll them up and fit them into your pocket or backpack to carry to your tree stand or blind.

These boot covers are perfect for any type of hunting or outdoor activity when you are sitting for long periods of time in cooler weather – hunting, ice fishing, football games, tailgating, and snowmobiling.

Whether you’re ice fishing or trekking through the snowy wilderness, the ArcticShield boot covers have got you covered.

ArcticShield Retain, the technology behind these boot insulators, provides warmth where you need it most, while still allowing you room to move – because it provides less bulk.

ArcticShield Retain heat retention thermal material captures greater than 90% of body heat, and returns it back to your body, keeping you warm and comfortable in any weather condition.

Say goodbye to cold feet and hello to warmth and comfort with ArcticShield boot insulators.

Whether you’re planning an outdoor adventure or just trying to stay warm during everyday activities, these insulators are the ultimate solution.

Icebreaker Boot Covers

On the flip side, we have the Icebreaker boot covers – the ultimate solution for outdoor enthusiasts who prefer to brave the cold is the Icebreaker Boot Blanket insulated overboot.

Icebreaker Boot Blanket XL BU

Awesome over-the-boot cold weather protection for hunters.

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We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

These covers are designed to wick away moisture, keeping your feet dry and comfortable in a variety of settings.

This must-have accessory is perfect for a wide range of cold weather sedentary activities, including stand hunting, fishing, snowmobiling, and outdoor sporting events.

Made from a blend of merino wool and Lycra, they’re ultra-soft and comfortable to wear, making them perfect for active pursuits or milder temperatures.

The Icebreaker Boot Blanket is designed to withstand harsh winter conditions with a tough poly/cotton outer shell and a nylon water-repellent inner shell, which sandwiches a high-loft 2-ply 300-gram insulation.

The lightweight and breathable design means your feet will stay comfortable and dry, even during high-intensity activities.

The new and improved quiet, slip-resistant vinyl sole is a game changer, providing unparalleled grip and comfort.

The rear closure heavy-duty nylon zipper ensures easy placement and removal, while the drawcord guarantees a snug fit above the boot.

To make transportation a breeze, snap-over belt loops are provided.

With the Icebreaker Boot Blanket, you can take on the cold with confidence and comfort.

Final Verdict: Which Is Better?

So, which one is the ultimate winner? Well, it all depends on your specific needs.

If you’re looking for something to keep you warm and protected in extreme cold weather conditions, then the ArcticShield boot covers are the way to go.

You’ll never have to worry about cold, wet feet again.

But if you’re looking for something more versatile, that you can wear in a variety of settings, the Icebreaker boot covers are a great choice.

They’re comfortable, breathable, and great at wicking away moisture, making them perfect for physical activities or milder temperatures.

At the end of the day, both of these boot covers are winners in their own right.

It all depends on what you’re looking for.

Whether you’re planning an epic outdoor adventure or just need something to keep your feet warm and dry during your daily commute, these boot covers have got you covered.

So, take your pick and get ready to conquer whatever the elements can throw your way.

With these boot covers, you’re ready for anything Mother Nature throws your feet’s way.

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