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Interesting Facts About Mount Rainier National Park

Park enthusiasts around the world cannot argue with the undeniable beauty of Mouth Rainier National Park.

From the stunning mountains to the breathtaking flowers, Mount Rainier is truly majestic.

It is an amazing piece of Washington landscape and an iconic national treasure.

Here are some neat facts amount Mount Rainier.

1). A Hiker’s Paradise

Mount Rainier has more than 260 miles of hiking trails for avid hikers.

The vast trails offer varying difficulty for beginners to advanced hikers.

You’ll enjoy spectacular views of the stunning landscape as you wander through the terrain.

The hundreds of hiking trails offer a truly amazing experience to connect with nature.

mount rainier
Samuel Kerr, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

2). Lots of Animal Variety

Mount Rainier is home to more than 65 types of animal species.

From the spotted owl to the mountain beaver, there is no shortage of unique animals for you to view in Rainier’s ecosystem.

However, be careful of the various species of snakes that inhabit the trails of Mount Rainier! 

3). Glaciers Everywhere

Mount Rainier is the most glaciated peak in the contiguous United States.

Emmons Glacier is the largest of the 25 that cover the mountain top stretching more than four miles.

Hikers can have a stunning experience as they follow the path to the peak.

The glaciers are also responsible for supplying the water supply for six rivers.

Mount Rainier also has an average snowfall of over 50 feet per year. 

4). A Tourist Destination 

Mount Rainier has more than two million people that visit the park every year.

It’s a great location for family getaways or a solo vacation. 

Mount Rainier does not even reach the top ten busiest national parks with its insane number of visitors each year. 

5). Camping 

Mount Rainier’s camping grounds are one of the most popular activities for visitors. 

Some locations are on a first-come basis, while others require a reservation.

Camping in Rainier’s serene environment with family and friends is an unforgettable experience. 

6). Rainier is a Dangerous and Active Volcano 

The last eruption happened at mount Rainier more than 100 years ago, but it is still considered one of the most dangerous volcanoes in the world. 

7). Mount Rainier has Three Summits

It appears that Mount Rainier only has one summit when you are looking from a distance, but there are actually three.

Climbing to the top of these three summits would be quite the feat. Liberty Cap, Point Success, and Columbia Crest all stand over an impressive 14,000 feet. 

8). Mount Rainier is one of the Oldest National Parks

Established in 1899, Mount Rainier Park experienced a change in how park administrators treated the lands.

During the early years, administrators focused on attracting visitors to the parks for profits and disregarded the natural resources.

As a result, scientists created best practices supporting the park ecosystem and land. 

9). Car Access 

Mount Rainier Park was the first park to allow car access. 

Once the travel access was finished, the tourist spot was so popular that the park ranger’s main priority was to direct traffic. 

10.) Fun During all the Seasons

Mount Rainier Park has plenty of activities regardless of the season.

Winter offers sled riding, skiing, and snowboarding.

Sightseeing the mountain tops and trees with the beautiful white snow is an activity by itself.

11). Beautiful Flowers Bloom

Mount Rainier Park is home to hundreds of wildflowers that transform meadows into lush and beautiful terrain.

The flowers are best viewed by driving your vehicle up to Sunrise Center, the highest point accessible by car.

The breathtaking landscape of mountains, glacier peaks, and flowers is a memorable experience.

12). A Grand Mountain 

Mount Rainier is the tallest mountain in the Cascade mountain range, and the fifth tallest in the continental United States.

Mount Rainier is visible from Colorado, Oregon, and British Columbia. 

13). Mount Rainier had a Different Name 

Native American tribes referred to Mount Rainier as Tahoma, which means “source of water.” 

A British explorer, George Vancouver, dubbed the mountain Rainier after his friend who served in the Revolutionary War in 1792.  

14). A Massive Flood 

In 2006, a massive flood that produced 18 inches of rain caused the park to close for six months.

It was the worst flood in Rainier’s over 100-year history, and it cost millions of dollars in damage. 

15). Fire Lookouts

There are six accessible fire lookouts in Mount Rainier National Park that offering inspiring and exhilarating views.

There are a total of 93 fire lookouts in the state of Washington. 

If you are planning a trip to your next national park, include Mount Rainier on your list.

With incredible views and activities, there’s always something to see.

You’ll always learn something new by visiting Mount Rainier National Park. 

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