Leaving Oslo, Going To Paris

When I scheduled our travel between Oslo and Paris, I originally wanted to get there via stopping in Copenhagen. We decided against it since the cost of hotels there are so freaking high. That means flying direct from Oslo to Paris.

We took Norwegian Airlines for this short flight and the experience was a bit different than flying from the US with them. Though we had upgraded seats with more legroom on our flight out of New York, the space on this plane wasn’t too terrible. Granted, I would not want to be stuck in the cramped little seat for longer than a couple of hours.

Probably the best thing about the flight was that there was free wi-fi the entire way. And probably the worst was that it flew into Orly instead of De Gaulle airport.

Since we were landing in the evening and didn’t really want to deal with the stress of public transportation and our luggage, we opted to get a taxi to our hotel. Waiting in the taxi line was a long and smelly (French people do love to smoke, it’s not just a stereotype) affair.

We were staying in the Courtyard by Marriott Paris Boulogne, which is outside of the city center and not all that far from Orly. When we arrived, there were two surprises.

  • The cab driver gave himself a tip when telling us the fare
  • The hotel restaurant was already closed but they offered to make up chicken ceasar salads!

The hotel was very nice and even had a roof top bar where you could see the Eiffel Tower in the distance. This part was especially nice at night when the Tower was all lit up and sparkling.

The area where this hotel is situated is very residential, which means that minimal English is spoken at the area businesses. We didn’t let that deter us the next morning as we waltzed right into a boulangerie at the end of the block and order up some coffee and delish French pastries. Yes, there was a bit of a communication break down when they were asking if we wanted sugar in the coffee, but that’s part of the fun of traveling in non-English speaking countries.

To my dismay, the coffee was actually just a shot of espresso. To my surprise, it wasn’t at all bitter like I was expecting. For better or worse, this would be the start of several mini cups of espresso that I would be drinking in Paris.

From the hotel, the center of Paris is just a short metro ride away. Pro tip – the metro card machines do not like American credit cards. Sometimes my debit card would work though.

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