Top 13 Must-Visit Adventure Destinations

adventuring in Norway

When it comes time to make plans for adventure travel, it seems like the same destinations get recommended over and over. And those of us who have hiked the Grand Canyon, mountain biked in Moab, and went diving while visiting Australia, it can be a challenge to find a cool new place to visit for … Read more

Sedona Weekend Guide For Outdoor Enthusiasts


While there’s no shortage of amazing outdoor destinations in the American Southwest, one that should not be overlooked is Sedona, Arizona. It took me a while to actually make it out to Sedona, despite living reasonably close in Las Vegas, because I thought it was gonna be all hype and super touristy. But it was … Read more

Does San Antonio Have Mountains?


If you’ve caught yourself wondering, “Does San Antonio have mountains?” you’re not alone. While the area is known for its rolling hills, it can be hard to know for sure whether any of those gorgeous land formations are considered mountains. Since this is such a commonly asked question, we wanted to break down the barriers … Read more