What’s the Average Speed You Go In A Canoe?

woma in canoe

Canoeing is a great way to get out and about and to see areas that would normally be very difficult to access. As a result, canoeing long distances can be a very enjoyable activity! However, many people wonder exactly how far a canoe can go — and how fast it travels on average.  So, what’s … Read more

7 Horseback Riding Tips for Beginners

horseback riding

Your first time to ride on a horse can either be fun or horrible. That depends on how fit you are and how much willing you are to learn. If you think horseback riding is easy, think again. It requires so much strength to stabilize yourself on the back of a horse, even more so … Read more

Top 13 Must-Visit Adventure Destinations

adventuring in Norway

When it comes time to make plans for adventure travel, it seems like the same destinations get recommended over and over. And those of us who have hiked the Grand Canyon, mountain biked in Moab, and went diving while visiting Australia, it can be a challenge to find a cool new place to visit for … Read more