Does Eating Snow Dehydrate You?

snow camping

If you’re doing some backcountry camping or trekking during the winter, and you’re low on water, then you might be tempted to just eat some snow for hydration. After all, snow is really just frozen water, right? Well, yes but that’s not exactly how it works with dehydration. In fact, if you’re feeling dehydrated then … Read more

What Size Of Ice Axe Do I Need?

mountaineering ice axe

If you’ve decided to take up mountaineering, then you’ll need to get yourself a good ice axe. Ice axes come in different sizes, so you’ll have to choose a size before you set out for that high altitude adventure. But which size of ice axe do you need? Well, that depends on a few factors, … Read more

9 Best Places To Go Whitewater Rafting In Tennessee


Due to its geography, Tennessee has excellent whitewater rafting locations all over the state. Whether you live in the Volunteer State or are just visiting, we’ve found some great spots for you and your canoe.   Check out our list below to see our top picks for awesome white water rafting spots in Tennessee. Big … Read more

What To Wear When You Go White Water Rafting

colorado white water

Preparing for your first rafting adventure? Knowing what to pack in advance will help you have a more enjoyable time out there. And the first thing that you need to know is that you are definitely going to get wet when riding the rapids. Most adventure companies that offer white water rafting trips do them … Read more