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Can You Put Anything In A Hydro Flask?

You might be wondering what else you can put in a Hydro Flask if you use it as a water bottle.

In fact, if you’re planning a camping or backpacking trip, you’re definitely searching for ways to bring as little as possible and paying attention to items that can serve many purposes.

The good news is that almost anything may be placed in a Hydro Flask, including food.

To find out more about everything you can put in a Hydro Flask, keep reading.

oatmeal in hydroflask

Can You Put Coffee (or Tea) In A Hydro Flask?

Yes, a Hydro Flask can be used to store hot (or cold) coffee and tea. I personally use it for this purpose.

There are a couple of things that I want you to be aware of before you put coffee or tea in your Hydro Flask.

The Hydro Flask will keep your hot coffee (or tea) hot, and I mean HOT.

I have burned my tongue and lips more than once when trying to sip coffee outta my Hydro Flask.

But that’s also sorta good news because it means that the Hydro Flask keeps coffee hot for a long time.

If you put milk in your coffee or tea, then make sure that you clean out your Hydro Flask in a timely manner.

That dairy residue really gets funky if you forget about cleaning it ASAP.

Can You Put Food In A Hydro Flask?

Heck yeah, you can put food in a Hydro Flask bottle or tumbler.

Say you’re camping and you need something to put soup in – yes, you can use your Hydro Flask for soup.

What you might not know is that Hydro Flask actually sells a food flask, or thermos, in two different sizes.

Hydroflask thermos specs

You can get it in a 12 oz. version or an 18 oz. version.

Both sizes are perfect for food.

What’s also cool is that they make other products for food as well.

hydro flask with food in it

You can also buy:

Can You Put Soup In A Hydro Flask?

Yes, you can put soup in a Hydro Flask.

And it doesn’t matter if it is a chunky soup or a smooth soup.

If you’re putting a hot soup in the Hydro Flask, then it should stay warm for at least six hours. (though you should likely eat it sooner for food safety)

Likewise, a cold soup (like gazpacho) will stay cold in a Hydro Flask.

A coupe of words of warning though.

If you put in a soup that is really hot, then you may burn your lips and tongue since the Hydro Flask keeps things toasty warm.

If you have a cream based soup, then make sure that you clean out your Hydro Flask in a timely manner.

That dairy residue really gets funky if you forget about cleaning it ASAP.

Can You Put Lemon or Lemon Juice In A Hydro Flask? (or Lemondade)

Since lemons are highly acidic, there are a lot of misconceptions out there when it comes to putting lemon in stainless steel water bottle.

The truth is that yes, you can put lemons, lemon juice, and lemonade in a Hydro Flask.

And it’s perfectly safe to do so.

Some people say that the lemon makes the liquid taste a bit off, but I have not noticed that when putting lemon in my hot tea or my water.

Some people also have concerns that the acid in the lemon causes corrosion of the stainless steel interior of the Hydro Flask.

There is currently no evidence showing this to be true and if you ask the company, they maintain that lemons are safe.

hydro flask facebook post

There is also no evidence of the lemon’s acids staining the interior of the Hydro Flask.

So add your lemon (or lemonade) and drink up!

Final Thoughts

As you can see, a Hydro Flask is not just for water.

You can put pretty much anything in your Hydro Flask – including soup.

But if you want a more dedicated food container, then Hydro Flask sells those as well.

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