T-Mobile’s Unlimited International Not So Unlimited

When I first heard about T-Mobile’s Simple Choice plans that offers “unlimited” international data and roaming, I was super stoked. In fact, if their coverage had been better in Raleigh, I would have switched to them immediately. Since learning of the plans, my intention was to switch our phones to T-Mobile and use them while traveling abroad. I wanted to do this so that we would keep our old cell phone numbers and so that family would be able to easily contact us.

So, I hit up the T-Mobile kiosk at the mall and told them what I wanted.

latrice um...no gif

Apparently, that “unlimited” is only unlimited for a period of 30 days and then they shut off your account. Surely, that cannot be true, I thought. So, I tweeted to T-Mobile. Here’s what I got back:

Yeah, that sucks. So, there went that plan, eh? But, it is worth noting that some commenters here report using T-Mobile abroad for several months with no repercussions. We didn’t want to take that chance, so we scrapped that idea.

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