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After a two and a half week road trip around Europe in the summer of 2013, we decided that we wanted to spend a  bit more time exploring some of the countries that we didn’t get a chance to visit (as well as unexplored areas of those that we did visit). We knew that we wanted to aim for a period of extended travel as soon as our rental lease ended in mid-2014. So, we set out on a RTW trip that lasted for 10 months, before we temporarily settled in Las Vegas. When we’re not traveling, we’re planning the next big adventure.

In late 2013, we found a flight deal to Oslo for under $200 each one-way and decided that Oslo would be our first stop on our RTW trip. As soon as that was all set, we brushed up on our travel hacking knowledge in an effort to make this adventure as cheap as possible. So we applied for airline and hotel branded credit cards, hurried to meet the minimum spend requirements, and then began cashing in those miles and points for free flights and hotel stays.

To make things easier for us on the road, we pre-paid for as much of the trip as possible. As a result, most of the first seven months were paid for in full before we left JFK for Oslo. We’ve been making money online from home for the past seven years or so, which is how all of our travel is funded.

shawna & riley


About Riley – When she’s not daydreaming about taking a train across Europe, Riley is probably working on a novel….or quoting Designing Women…or looking for coffee. See what she’s written lately here.

About Shawna – When she’s not waiting for Riley to finish taking a photo of a bench somewhere, Shawna is probably creating niche sites…or watching Adventure Time….or looking for coffee.

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