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How To Wash Your North Face Jacket Without Damaging It

So, you finally saved up the money to buy a one-of-a-kind The North Face jacket—the crème of the crop among your outdoors buddies.

These jackets, whether waterproof or not, provide a lot of protection against the cold, water and wind, and are the jackets of choice for most serious hikers, mountaineers, campers and other outdoor types.

So, how can you make sure you protect your The North Face Jacket, this wonderful and long-awaited investment, when it comes time to clean it?

Are you going to have to take it to the dry cleaners every time it gets dirty, just be sure you do not ruin it?

Fortunately, you can save those dry-cleaning dollars for your suits and tuxedo.

There are actually a few ways to wash and dry your The North Face Jacket without sacrificing its overall integrity.

To illustrate this, below we will take you step-by-step through washing and drying your North Face jacket, with each step having been proven to be safe and very effective.

Washing Your North Face Jacket At Home

With a jacket from The North Face, you definitely want to care for it correctly, which is why it is so important to read the care instructions before proceeding with washing and drying of this jacket on your own.

Like many high quality pieces of outerwear, some North Face jackets may have certain care requirements, while others can be treated like any other item you might place into the washer.

While you may be tempted to focus all your attention on the performance, durability, and aesthetics of your new North Face jacket, do not forget about one of the most important requirements: How to Care for It.

Simply put, washing your jacket the wrong way can greatly lower its performance and durability.

woman in north face jacket

Before washing your jacket, it is wise to consider the kind of material from which it is made.

This is a very important step, as the type of material will dictate the water temperature and the washing technique.

Every material from North Face comes with a tag and washing instructions to assist you with cleaning, so be sure to consult those directions before proceeding.

Not all North Face jackets are the same, so below we will focus our attention on how to wash one particular type of North Face jacket: the Gore-Tex North Face Jacket.

Washing the Gore-Tex North Face Jacket

The Gore-Tex North Face jacket is wildly popular on today’s market.

This jacket is made from fabric that is tough, wind resistant and waterproof.

Some of these jackets are also equipped with a DWR coating that prevents water from penetrating the material.

Fortunately, the Gore-Tex jackets from North Face are fairly easy to wash and care for.

The best way to wash your Gore-Tex material is using your regular washing machine.

But you will first need to take note of the following tips before washing.

  • Ensure that all zippers are up. You will need to ensure that all the zippers on your North Face jacket, including the main zippers and pocket zippers, are zipped close prior to washing.
  • Check for proper water temperature. Always check the care instructions on the tag of your North Face jacket for the proper water temperature—warm, cold, etc.
  • Secure all Velcro straps. Many North Face jackets have Velcro straps around the cuffs. These will need to be secured so as to prevent them from catching on something and possibly ripping.
  • Set the machine for the Gentle Cycle. In the gentle cycle, your North Face jacket will spin at a lower rate, reducing the odds that it will become damaged.
  • Set the machine to rinse twice. North Face jackets can be a little bulky, so you will need to double up on the rinse cycle to make sure you take care of all the soap.

Now that you have read over and taken in the above-mentioned tips, it is now time to wash your North Face jacket. First, add a small amount of liquid detergent to the washing machine.

Do not use any abrasive detergents, but the mildest one that you can find for best results. Also, avoid using any fabric softeners, bleach or any other additives.

These can damage the fabric and should never be used.

Set the washing machine to the Gentle Cycle and select the proper water temperature. Also set the machine for two rinses instead of the normal one.

Do not place any other garments into the washing machine—this item should be washed alone. When everything is set, turn on your washing machine and allow it to run for the entire cycle.

The drying process for the North Face jacket is every bit as important as the washing.

Because of this, you must always adhere to the care instructions that come with the jacket.

The Gore-Tex fabric supports line drying as well as tumble drying.

However, if you elect to put your North Face jacket into the dryer, be sure to set the dryer to its lowest temperature.

By doing this at a low temperature, you’ll be able to reactivate the DWR protection of the jacket material to ensure it will continue to repel water the next time you use it.

Line drying can also accomplish this, but this process takes much longer.

Believe it or not, you can also iron dry your North Face Gore-Tex jacket.

If you elect to dry in this manner, be sure to set the iron to warm and not steam.

An iron with a silicone protection cover is the most ideal for this exercise.

You can also place a blanket over the jacket before ironing.

This will reduce the amount of contact between the iron and the jacket.

If you notice the DWR coating is no longer effective after iron drying, you may have to reapply the water repellant treatment to make it active again.

About The North Face Brand

The North Face brand is one of the most common brands of jackets on the market today, and also one of the most sought-after.

They are loved the world over for their high quality and performance features.

When you are looking for durability, the North Face brand should be high on your list of options

The North Face is an American brand that was established in 1966.

Their first line of products was aimed at climbers and hikers, but in the 1980s they expanded their product range, and their skiwear and camping equipment was introduced to the general public.

Recently, the brand has grown and you can find almost any product you need for adventure seeking, camping, and outdoor trips.

They have a range of products for sportsmen and women as well as a wide array of products for those who just enjoy the casual outdoor lifestyle

One of the reasons that the North Face brand has grown to become so very popular is their amazing, high-quality insulated jackets.

These jackets have gained in popularity across different continents, and are now the go-to brand for outdoor sports and leisure.

the north face clothing tag

What Makes The North Face Jackets So Special?

High quality jackets are a dime a dozen on today’s marketplace, but few can match the popularity of those bearing the North Face brand.

North Face partners with a lot of companies worldwide that specialize in the production of insulation and jacket membranes.

This has led to the design and creation of jackets with increased performance and durability.

One of the materials utilized in the production of North Face jackets is ThermoBall, which the North Face Company partnered with Primaloft brand to invent.

This material has the ability to trap heat, however, unlike other competing brands, the North Face jacket does not lose this ability when it gets wet.

Another popular invention from North Face was the GoreTex membrane, a material that is used in the production of the North Face weather resistant jackets.

This material maintains a highly breathable quality even as it resists the elements.

There are other high-quality materials from North Face, including the Windstopper and the Polartec fabrics, each of which is designed to provide the very best in insulated comfort.

These fabrics, which are used in the production of North Face softshell jackets, can withstand the harshest of climates and still look amazing.

The North Face brand of jackets are designed to provide high-quality performance and support.

They are also designed to keep you warm even when the temperature is freezing.

Whether you live in very cold regions of the world, or are looking for a jacket to keep you comfy in winter, the North Face brand offers you a wide range of products from which to choose

One of the great things about North Face is the variety of design features they offer.

Their designs cut across a wide range of products that cater to a variety of outdoor activities.

Thus, it makes it very convenient to pick all your required products from this brand without having to move from one brand to the next in search of the proper gear.

The North Face brand is also very flexible and durable, designed for long-lasting performance. It’s a jacket you can rely on season after season.

Besides the insulation, weather-resistant qualities, flexibility, and durability, the North Face design is crafted to look great, too, which makes it an easy choice for men who care about aesthetics and their appearance.

image credit: Andy Thrasher, Flicker, public domain

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  2. Hi, most technical clothing you don’t take to dry cleaners so not sure where you got that from . I own Marmot, the North Face and Columbia and have yet to treat them for their “waterproofness”. I use mild soap on gentle cycle, close all the zippers and wash in cold water. Then I tumble dry low more a few minutes and finish them up on a hanger. Simple and I’ve had them for years and use them a lot from work to hikes. That has worked for me.

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